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Get Set For The 2016 Chincoteague Seafood Festival!

April 15th, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

2016 Chincoteague Seafood FestivalTie on that bib and gird your tastebuds – the 2016 Chincoteague Seafood Festival is just around the corner, Saturday May 7, 2016!

A spring festival held annually since 1968, the 2016 Chincoteague Seafood Festival is part of an almost 50 year-old, Eastern Shore tradition that will have your tongue and tummy very happy, indeed. Fresh steamed “Little Neck” clams, single fried oysters, fish, shrimp, clam fritters, clam strips, raw oysters and clams, clam chowder, and more.

Not just seafood – not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you! – the 2016 Chincoteague Seafood Festival also provides grilled chicken, sweet potato fries and boardwalk fries, hushpuppies, a full salad bar, beer, and soft drinks.

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Visit the Chincoteague Island Farmer’s Market!

March 11th, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

Chincoteague Island Farmers MarketThe Chincoteague Island Farmer’s Market and Artful Flea 2016 Grand Opening is coming – April 9th, 9am to 1pm – offering an opportunity to not only buy great local produce, seafood and unusual gifts but also to soak up the relaxing and friendly, Chincoteague Island culture.

The Chincoteague Island Farmer’s Market and Second Saturday Artful Flea are some of the surest signs of spring, here on the Virginia Coast. As the sun comes out so, too, do the people and with them, the fruits of their labors. Be it through plant and animal husbandry or … spring cleaning.

The Chincoteague Island Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday, from April 9th to October 15th, as well as on Wednesdays, May 25th to September 7th, rain or shine. Here you will find local farmers and fishermen, bakers and gardeners, their tables laden with fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood, eggs and meats, breads and other home-baked goods, jams and jellies, plants and flowers for garden and home – and locally sourced from within a 100 mile radius!

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Attend the Chincoteague Island Easter Decoy & Art Festival

February 12th, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

Chincoteague Island Easter Decoy & Art FestivalThe 37th Annual Chincoteague Island Easter Decoy & Art Festival, scheduled for March 25th through March 26th, 2016, will see local and national carvers exhibiting and selling their work during this Chincoteague Island tradition!

The Chincoteague Island Easter Decoy & Art Festival has been a local tradition for almost 40 years, now and it shows when you see the wide variety of absolutely beautiful, hand crafted art and crafts that are brought to our little island community’s spring event.

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A Chincoteague Island Winter Getaway

January 15th, 2016 by InsideOut Solutions

Chincoteague Island WinterNot just a summer play-land, you’ll discover a whole new island with a Chincoteague Island winter getaway!

While it’s true that we see most visitors during the summer, did you know that a great many of those who make return trips to our island haven on Virginia’s Eastern Shore do so during the winter months?

Chincoteague Island and Assateague Island are quite different in the winter but no less appealing. With the weather tending towards the mild and lightly sunny, most seasons, the first and most obvious difference being that the throngs of tourists have evaporated. Not to say that Chincoteague Island rolls up its sidewalks and hibernates through winter – to the contrary!

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Make A Splash at the 2016 Polar Pony Plunge

December 4th, 2015 by Corey A. Edwards

Chincoteague Island Polar Pony Plunge 2016There are lots of great ways to celebrate the first day of the new year – but few are as invigorating and fun as Chincoteague Island’s annual Polar Pony Plunge!

2015 will very soon be making way for 2016 and one of the best ways to celebrate this yearly transition is by treating yourself to a Virginia Coast holiday getaway on Chincoteague Island.

Here on Chincoteague, we know how to do New Year’s Eve right, with the annual concert at the Island Theatre and the Pony Island Horseshoe Drop and Costume Promenade at midnight – followed the very next day by the Chincoteague Island Polar Pony Plunge.

Chincoteague Island is known for its swimming wild ponies but in this particular instance, the pony in question could be you. Please allow me to explain …

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Take Advantage of Our Chincoteague Island Thanksgiving Lodging Special!

November 1st, 2015 by Corey A. Edwards

Chincoteague Island Thanksgiving Lodging SpecialLooking for an intimate and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday? Take advantage of 1848 Island Manor House Bed & Breakfast’s Chincoteague Island Thanksgiving Lodging Special and let us worry about the details!

Chincoteague Island is a special place year-round. It doesn’t just get folded up and put away for next year once the summer tourists go back home – if anything, it becomes even a little more special. Consequently, treating yourself to a Chincoteague Island Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve is a great idea – one made even more fantastic and tempting by our Chincoteague Island Thanksgiving Lodging Special!

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Assateague Island Waterfowl Weekend 2015!

October 5th, 2015 by Corey A. Edwards

Assateague Island Waterfowl Weekend 2015Assateague Island Waterfowl Weekend – scheduled for November 26th through the 29th – is a celebration of the thousands of different species of birds that visit Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge during their annual fall migration, an event whose peak occurs every year around this time.

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on beautiful Assateague Island – home of the famous wild ponies – is always good for a visit. With more than 14,000 acres of beaches, maritime forest, saltwater marshes, and freshwater marshes, enjoying nature and wildlife, getting a peep at the wild horse herds, or just soaking up the quiet and solitude here is as simple as arriving.

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Aw Shucks – It’s Chincoteague Oyster Festival 2015!

September 11th, 2015 by Corey A. Edwards

Chincoteague Oyster Festival 2015All you can eat oysters on the half shell, steamed, single fried, fritters, and more at the Chincoteague Oyster Festival, October 10th, 2015 – Why argue with a 400 year-old tradition?

Wait – 400 years?

The first Chincoteague Oyster, so they say, occurred when the first boatload of Europeans to land on Chincoteague Island incidentally crashed a hapless Native American beach-feast of fresh oysters. Startled, the natives ran off, leaving the oysters. Instead of giving chase, the Europeans decided to … well, what would you do? Fresh oysters!

The popularity of this tale well surpasses the likelihood of its veracity, which explains why the 2015 Chincoteague Oyster Festival is numbered the 43rd annual instead of the 408th – but we’re talking fresh oysters, here – so why quibble? Your ancestors certainly didn’t …

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1848 Island Manor House Bed and Breakfast

August 14th, 2015 by Corey A. Edwards

1848 Island Manor House Bed and BreakfastOne of the best parts about operating a Chincoteague Island B&B is knowing that you’ve helped make someone’s vacation the very best it can be. 1848 Island Manor House Bed and Breakfast recently received a number of glowing reviews, letting us know we did just that and, blushing with pride as we are, we thought we’d share some of them, here:


If I was told I had 24 hours to live, I would spend 23 of them getting myself to 1848 Island Manor House so I could spend the last hour there.
Can’t speak highly enough of the pleasant atmosphere, friendly clientele, hospitable caretakers, comfortable amenities, and overall human touch. Breakfast was delicious. Location is perfect walking distance from main spots in town. Stop reading this review and book this place already! You won’t regret it.

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Sink Your Teeth Into Chincoteague Blueberry Festival 2015!

July 10th, 2015 by Corey A. Edwards

2015 Chincoteague Blueberry FestivalSummer is here and, on Virginia’s Eastern Shore that means it’s Chincoteague Blueberry Festival time!

The annual Chincoteague Blueberry Festival is a celebration of the humble, delicious, and surprisingly healthful little fruit that can be served in a myriad of ways: pies, cookies, jams, toppings, muffins, salads, ice cream, and – of course – fresh and raw: Yum – so good!

Food at the Chincoteague Blueberry Festival typically includes such mouthwatering favorites as fresh blueberry pancakes, jumbo blueberry muffins, blueberry pecan chicken salad sandwiches, greek salad with fresh blueberries, breakfast burrito, cheese and tomato quesadillas, grilled crab and avocado tacos, crab melt pitas, grilled burgers and brats, and – of course! – fresh blueberries and Sugarbakers’ wildly popular Ultimate Blueberry Pies. (these latter two items go FAST – pre-order berries from Dick Jones at: 540-273-2963 and Sugarbakers’ blueberry pies, whole or by the slice at 757-336-3712 if you actually hope to have some).

But the Chincoteague Blueberry Festival isn’t just a bunch of people standing around scarfing berries. It’s live music, delicious food, and the largest indoor-outdoor fine arts and crafts show on Virginia’s Eastern Shore with over 100 artisans from 12 states offering their handmade, one-of-a-kind wares for your shopping and browsing pleasure.

Held at the beautiful Chincoteague Center on Chincoteague Island every year on the weekend prior to the Chincoteague Pony Swim, the 2015 Chincoteague Blueberry Festival is a good time for all with a line-up of regional entertainers that are sure to keep your toes-tapping:

Friday, July 25th
9am – 1pm: Cole & Young – acoustic pop
12pm – 2pm: Gus the Bardic Troubadour – modern Irish folk

Saturday, July 26th
9am – 1pm: Hemlock Hollow – acoustic bluegrass and folk covers and originals
1pm – 3pm: Black Elvis – ’nuff said?.
2:30pm – 4:30pm: Winship Wheatley – originals and covers of top 40 favorites
3pm – 4:30pm: Rick James – acoustic country

Sunday, July 27th
9am – 11:15pm: Rick James – acoustic country
11:30am – 3:00pm: MoonStruck Music – boot-scootin’ country tunes
12pm – 3:15pm: Deedra Ervin – pop vocalist and recent Rising Star contestant
1pm – 4:30pm: Mike Hawker – folk, country, rock, blues, and bluegrass covers and originals

PLUS – it wouldn’t be Chincoteague Island Blueberry Festival without the mind-boggling prestidigitation of Jamel the Magician!

The 28th Annual Chincoteague Island Blueberry Festival

July 24th, 25th, & 26th, 2015
9am to 4:30pm each day

Chincoteague Center
6155 Community Drive, Chincoteague Island, VA

2015 Chincoteague Island Blueberry Festival Lodging
Island Manor House Bed and Breakfast is proud to be a historic part of the Chincoteague community. Let us host your stay for the annual Chincoteague Island Blueberry Festival – or any time!