The Island Manor of Chincoteague

A Winter Visit to Chincoteague Island?

November 17th, 2013 by Corey A. Edwards

A Winter Visit to Chincoteague Island

The wildlife is here, the views are here, the island’s here …
Why aren’t you here?

Am I crazy or are people missing a BIG opportunity by not considering a winter visit to Chincoteague Island? It’s the perfect place for a quiet holiday, if you ask me.

Too many folks seem to think of beaches as only worth visiting if it’s 100 degrees out – nothing could be farther from the truth. As we all like to say, even a cool day at the beach is better than a warm day at work!

And when we say cool, we mean cool – not freezing: the average temperature on Chincoteague Island in December with sunny skies is 50 degrees, so don’t be shy, come on out! The winter holiday season is probably the very next best time of year for a visit.

True, you wont be improving your tan … but you wont be fighting the crowds, either. We’re a casual island – the perfect place to unwind on a vacation with a loved one: quiet days of beach combing and and an intimate supper of island comfort food like clam chowder and warm bread. Okay, now I’m just making myself hungry!

Catching the scenery and wildlife at a different season is a real plus, too – it’s not like summer ends and nature just rolls up the beautiful to store away until spring rolls back around; it’s *always* beautiful here, folks.

Because of its position in the great Atlantic Flyway, Assateague Island is used by many species of birds during their annual migration. Thousands of brant, geese, and ducks spend much if not all their winter on Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. These two facts offer wildlife fans and birders a unique opportunity to see another side of the island.

And – get this: Island Manor House Bed and Breakfast is open all year! Why? Because we’re not the only ones who know a winter visit to Chincoteague Island makes for a memorable vacation.