The Island Manor of Chincoteague

Hit the Surf for Chincoteague Polar Pony Plunge 2020

December 8th, 2019 by Corey A. Edwards

Chincoteague Polar Pony Plunge 2020What better way to welcome the New Year than with an eye-opening plunge into the chilly Atlantic during Chincoteague Polar Pony Plunge 2020? This year’s event is scheduled for 1:20pm (but of course) on January 1st, 2020.

Okay, okay: so maybe the picture to the right is a touch misleading. It is rather rare for the Atlantic to freeze, here on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel a thrill (along with a chill) if you participate, however. This is the Atlantic in January we’re talking about, after all.

Polar Pony Plunge 2020

Chincoteague Pony Plunge takes place on Assateague Island, home of the famous wild ponies. Thus the “pony” in the “Pony Plunge” title.

Another fun fact about the Chincoteague Polar Plunge is that the starting time changes every year to reflect that event’s date. This year, for example, the Plunge takes place at 1:20pm on 1/1/2020. Isn’t that clever? I sure wish I could be here to see when they start the 2061 event.

Chincoteague Polar Pony Plunge 2020Plunge attendees may choose to run bravely into the frigid surf with the crowd or stay on the beach with a camera and smug sense of sanity.

The Polar Pony Plunge also features a Costume Contest. Don something goofy that clashes well with slate grey and wont shrink in salt water. Attendees of the previous evening’s NYE Costume Promenade may wear (or may still be wearing) last night’s outfit.

Every year’s event features its own t-shirt, too. Be sure to get one if you take the plunge so you can proudly proclaim your polar poniness in public.

The annual Pony Plunge is a free event. The only thing required of active participants is filling out a Plunge entry form and waiver. Visit for more details. You can also follow it on Facebook.

Warm Back Up at Island Manor House

After a late night out and then an early afternoon dip in the icy Atlantic, return to your warm, dry room at Island Manor House. Hit the inn snack room, take a soothing shower, or burrow down in that big soft bed for a much deserved afternoon nap. Whatever suits your fancy. We’ll be on hand with a few extra New Year’s Day perks and ready to help in any way we can. Happy New Year!