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So Many Fun Things To Do In Chincoteague

November 28, 2020 by Corey A. Edwards

things to do in ChincoteagueYou know about the wild ponies and the annual Pony Swim but, after that’s all over … are there any other things to do in Chincoteague?

You bet there are!

From the expected, like hiking and beachcombing, to the unexpected, like watching NASA rocket launches. There’s always something fun going on in Chincoteague!

Chincoteague is Virginia’s only resort island. Located just south of the Maryland border on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, the island is within easy reach of all major cities on the mid-Atlantic seaboard.

Our small town offers a casual and friendly atmosphere that makes relaxing into your getaway as easy and soothing as a breeze on the beach. After you’ve settled into your guest room at Island Manor House, though, what’s next?

Great question! There are lots of things to do in Chincoteague and the surrounding area.

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Chatham Vineyards – Virginia’s Only Eastern Shore Winery

October 18, 2020 by Corey A. Edwards

Chatham Winery Wine and BrineChatham Vineyards, located in Machipongo, VA, is Virginia’s only eastern shore winery. Visit the vineyard’s historic, nearly 400 year-old farm for tastings, stunning water views, and offerings in its bottle shop.

While there’s more than enough to keep you happily entertained on Chincoteague, the Delmarva peninsula is home to a few other attractions. Should you find yourself feeling the urge to do some off-island exploring, we’ll be happy to give you some ideas.

One of the first that comes to mind is Chatham Vineyards in Machipongo, the only winery on Virginia’s eastern shore. Though the vineyard is an hour south of our Chincoteague inn, the drive is pleasant and well worth the effort.

Virginia’s Wine Story

Wine has been being produced in Virginia since the very first settlers landed here but it took until the late 1970s for an industry to develop. In fact, much of the wine world used to dismiss the Virginia viticulture as a waste of effort.

Luckily, an eclectic handful of stubborn, Virginia vintners refused to be dissuaded. As usual, the studied perseverance paid off. What started out as a mere handful of wineries in the 1970’s grew to nearly 50 by the mid-1990s. That number then proceeded to double in less than a decade.

Now Virginia is home to almost 300 wineries, many of them award winning. We’re proud to have one of our very own right here on the peninsula.

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