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Chincoteague Island Oyster Festival 2013 – Go Ahead and Be Shellfish

September 26, 2013 by Corey A. Edwards

2013 Chincoteague Island Oyster FestivalIt’s fall and that means it’s purt-near time for the Chincoteague Island Oyster Festival!

Now, this a tradition going so far back that, in 1607 (or so the story goes), the island’s Native American inhabitants were interrupted from one of these ocean-side, seafood feasts by the very first Englishmen to set foot on the islands. Of course, said invaders, watching the backs of the retreating, frightened natives, must have thought to themselves: “Gee, it sure would be a sin to let all of the wonderful seafood here in this pit go to waste … “

Oyster season begins this time of year and the glory of the oyster beds of Chincoteague and Assateague are woven throughout the region’s history. Ever since the area’s oceanic bounty was first discovered, seafood has been an integral part of the island inhabitant’s survival and commerce. Seafood harvests made up the bulk of our economy until well into the 20th century and continues to be one of the perks of being here so, of course, let’s celebrate!

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