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What’s Open On Chincoteague Island?

July 10, 2020 by Corey A. Edwards

Whats open on Chicnoteague - the beach

Come walk our pristine beaches

Summer is here, the sun is out, and Virginia has moved to Phase 3. Island Manor House is back and ready to see you – so what’s open on Chincoteague Island?

2020 is certainly one for the books. In some ways, it seems like we just had an extended winter and no spring. With summer here and Virginia moving to Phase Three on July 1st, however, things are looking a little brighter.

There are still guidelines and precautions one must take, of course but it is now possible to have yourself a Chincoteague getaway. So what’s open?

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Chincoteague Blueberry Festival 2019 – A Berry Good Time!

June 14, 2019 by Corey A. Edwards

Chincoteague Blueberry Festival 2019Come celebrate one of the most delicious natural foods around – and in one of Virginia’s most beautiful towns: Chincoteague Blueberry Festival 2019 – July 19th through the 21st.

2019 marks the 32nd annual return of the Chincoteague Blueberry Festival and this year’s festival is looking as exciting as ever. It seems like the festival grows in both size and attendance every year. It has now become almost as much of a popular tradition as the annual Pony Swim weekend, which it precedes by one week.

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Save Your Appetite for Chincoteague Blueberry Festival 2018!

July 2, 2018 by Corey A. Edwards

Chincoteague Blueberry Festival 2018If you like delicious food, great live music, arts & crafts, and FRESH blueberries, you will definitely want to attend Chincoteague Blueberry Festival 2018 – July 20th through the 22nd!

Chincoteague Island Blueberry Festival is an annual celebration and extravaganza center4ed around what may be the world’s most perfect fruit: the blueberry!

You’ll see (and smell and -oh, my- taste!) both fresh and prepared blueberries. Blueberry treats and dishes will be everywhere and run the gamut from the familiar to the unusual. There will be blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, blueberry syrups, salads, and even sandwiches. Best of all – and of course – there will also be Sugarbakers’ Ultimate Blueberry Pies!

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Don’t Miss Chincoteague Island Pony Swim 2016!

June 13, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

Chincoteague Island Pony Swim 2016The Saltwater Cowboys of Chincoteague will be back in action, July 23rd through the 29th, 2016, when they round up the wild horses of Assateague Island for the 91st annual Chincoteague Island Pony Swim!

The Chincoteague Island Pony Swim involves two separate herds of wild horses being rounded up and swum across the channel between Chincoteague and Assateague Islands. This unique, annual event allows for health checks for the ponies and an auctioning of the foals, in order to keep the herds at safe and manageable sizes. Further, proceeds from the auction sales go towards funding veterinary care for the ponies throughout the rest of the year.

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2014 Chincoteague Blueberry Festival

June 17, 2014 by Corey A. Edwards

2014 Chincoteague Blueberry FestivalBlueberries – is there a more perfect food? The blueberry is both sweetly delicious and a healthy snack. Perhaps that’s why this otherwise humble, little fruit has its own celebration: The 2014 Chincoteague Blueberry Festival!

Scheduled for midsummer – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 25th, 26th, and 27th, 9am to 4:30pm – Chincoteague’s Blueberry Festival promises a great time for all – and blueberries!

Of course, one of the best parts of the festival are all the fresh, juicy, blueberries you get to eat – but you have to act fast or risk missing them when they sell out – and they will! Luckily you can pre-order yours from Dick Jones at: 540-273-2963. The same is true of Sugarbakers’ wildly popular Ultimate Blueberry Pies, available whole or by the slice. Call Sugarbakers at 757-336-3712 to make sure you get yours.

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