The Island Manor of Chincoteague


37 Miles of Beach

March 24, 2012 by islandmanor

Chincoteague Island snapper

Enjoy the wildlife of Assateague and Chincoteague Islands. Just don't get too close.

The Assateague Island National Seashore is home to 37 miles of beach. 37 miles. It takes time to experience all that nature and beauty–days, even weeks. We suggest staying making yourself at home in one of our Chincoteague Island Bed and Breakfasts.

Assateague Island is wild. Chincoteague Island is quiet. There’s a difference. The historic town of Chincoteaugue is not a hotbed of activity, but there are things to do. There are shops, including one very good bookstore, art galleries, and eateries. There are many lovely historic buildings and homes. It’s peaceful here, particularly in our Chincoteague Bed and Breakfasts; you’ll want a good book.

Just across a nearby bridge lay Assateauge Island National Seashore and its vast expanse of beaches, pine forest, and salt marshes. Animals live here, not people. There are hundreds of wild horses and thousands of birds on Assateague. Off shore, there are sometimes dolphins. It is amazing to think that Assateague Island is so close to Washington D.C. and Baltimore; how can it be so close to such cosmopolitan cities and yet be so wild?

Come to our Chincoteague Bed and Breakfast this spring. Breathe in the fragrant scent of flowers and fresh, salty air. Poke around the shops. Borrow a bike and circumnavigate the island or explore the trails of Assateague. Borrow a beach chair, a frisbee, a bucket and a spade. Build a sand castle. Dig a deep hole. Take a long walk. Look at birds. Relax.

Spring is a wonderful time to visit the islands. The weather is pleasant and there are no crowds. Spend a weekend or linger longer. Ask us about our Spring Special: if you stay at least two nights before the end of April, you’ll receive a 10% discount.


Romance on Chincoteague Island

January 7, 2012 by islandmanor

Island Manor House, our historic Chincoteague Island Bed and Breakfast, opens for the season Friday, February 10, 2012. That’s just in time for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway.

The Moment

Embrace romance. Find romance on Chincoteague Island this February.

There are plenty of romantic places in the world, and in our humble opinion, Chincoteague Island sits at the top of the list (just after Paris and Florence). Plus, we’re driving distance from Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Norfolk, Virginia. Not so the great cities of Europe!

Yes, some places help us fall in love all over again, and Chincoteague Island, Virginia is such a place. Long a fishing village, it has largely resisted development and the “been here, seen that” feel that comes with it. Chincoteague has retained its picturesque charm, and there is something romantic about that.

Guests of our Chincoteague Island Bed and Breakfast feel compelled to walk hand in hand through the historic village. They find themselves wrapped arm in arm on the pristine beaches of neighboring Assateague Island, watching the sun set. They linger over morning coffee by the fountain in our private courtyard, and sip wine in the evening in their cozy rooms. We’re on island time here on Chincoteague; there’s no need to rush anything.

One of the most romantic spots on the island is table number 20 at AJ’s on the Creek; nestled in a corner, #20 encourages intimate conversation and eye-gazing. All of the food is good at AJ’s, but their Chincoteague Oysters in a light Champagne cream sauce is out of this world (and you know what they say about oysters). AJ’s on the Creek is just over a mile from our inn; walk or ride one of the cruiser bikes we have available for guests.

Don’t despair if you can’t make it to Paris this February (the weather there isn’t great then, anyway). Instead, plan a romantic getaway to our Chincoteague Island, Virginia Bed and Breakfast. Ask about our Spring Special when you make your reservations.

Schedule Time for You in 2012

December 31, 2011 by islandmanor

If there is one New Year’s Resolution we should all have, it is to treat ourselves well. For many of us, this is easier said than done. We may start each year with the best intentions, but work and familial obligations have a way of running away with us; before we know it, it’s already Thanksgiving again. Months can pass without a relaxing, unscheduled, afternoon.

Sometimes, the best way to ensure having unscheduled time for yourself throughout the year is to schedule it far in advance. It may be ironic, but it is also true. We schedule play dates for our children, so why not plan play time for ourselves?

Clouds and Beach

You can be here in 2012.

We are currently accepting reservations for our Chincoteague Island Bed and Breakfast in the spring. We open for the season on Friday, February 10, 2012. In just over a month, you can be walking on the beach, paddling by the wild ponies of Assateague Island, and reading a good book by the fire.

Our Chincoteague Island Bed and Breakfast is close to many major metropolitan areas. We’re three and a half hours from Richmond, Virginia, Washington, DC, and Baltimore, Maryland. We’re less than three hours from Annapolis, Maryland, and about two hours from Norfolk, Virginia. Our close proximity allows for frequent visits throughout the year. Our charming, peaceful location inspires visitors to return again and again.

Sea breezes disperse worries; beach walks soothe the soul. Come to Chincoteague Island for rest and to play. Explore neighboring Assateague Island, where the wild ponies run free. Borrow a bike, pack a picnic, and go for a long ride up and down Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Bring a good book, your journal, or your knitting and make yourself at home in our luxuriously comfortable Chincoteague Island Bed and Breakfast. It doesn’t really matter what you do, so long as you leave your laptop at home and turn off your cell phone.

We are currently offering a Spring Special at our Chincoteague Island Bed and Breakfast: stay three nights for the price of two, four nights for the cost of three, and so on. Give yourself a gift this New Year, and plan your spring vacation now.